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27th Mar 2020

How to Have the Best Headshots

Headshots are not just one of the things you need, they are the MOST important piece of marketing material you need. Yes, ahead of a good reel for an actor. We're not where we were ten years ago, the industry is different now. Things are more digital than ever and there's thousands of actors being submitted for just one small role. This means "good enough" headshots aren't enough, they need to be the best. Here we tell you how you can achieve that and why it matters.

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Giving you an inside look of the entertainment industry and helping you break through. Hosted by Greg and Thomas Bekkers. Greg is a talent manager for his company Apollo management and Thomas is an actor. Giving it a unique perspective from both the...
An in depth look inside everything in the entertainment industry with a focus on mental health. We will interview different people working in the entertainment industry and also therapists/psychologists about mental health issues and solutions for artists. I believe that actors, musicians, and other artists play a big part in affecting culture. I also believe that people in this industry are the most vulnerable to mental health issues. Psychologically healthier artists can have a positive influence on our culture and can produce art in a more sustainable way.

Hosted by Greg Bekkers from Apollo Management.

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